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About us

We are an international operating company for the materials-handling technology such as rope suspensions or gripping and fastening units.

Our key products are various kinds of rope suspensions and fastening material for guide rails. We supply the lift industry, the machine-building as well as the railway industry with forged, casted, turned and milled parts according to customer’s drawings or our drawings.

Our products are manufactured from metallic of non-metallic materials.

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Business Activities

Benefit from the know-how of our wide choice company!

Our product range comprises a broad variety of standard applications for the materials-handling technology. Moreover we fulfill your special requests with demand-specific items, which are modulated exactly according to your individual requirements, such as assemblies, bundles or specific drawing items. We supply customer-specific lathe work, stamplings, forged pieces and castlings.

We offer you ideal procurement opportunities by the choice of suitable forwarders for your special items of all kind of materials, designs and with all tests and acceptance certificates required.

Rely on a delivery in due time!

Our modern warehouse logistics and a reliable dispatch system ensure that your goods are placed at your disposal in due time.

Demand for certified quality!

Qualityconsciousness in thinking and acting is the supposition for a good product quality. We guarantee a steady good product and service quality by a durable and consistent quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We are able to perform and evaluate the nondestructive testing MT, PT and UT with certified staff within our operations department. For x-ray-testing we have competent partners.

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